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Travel the continent of Africa with Bobby De La Tierra in search of sustainability.

An active conversation about climate change is important. Our friend @bobbydelatierra has released a new documentary “Follow the wind” - it features @jerrievandekop, a professional kitesurfer from Holland, as Jessie follows the wind cycle to kiteboard between the warm waters of the Indian Ocean to the snowy peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of ecological threats to the region.

100 years ago the snow levels at Mt Kilimanjaro were very different from today - global warming caused severe drought in the area. Heavy losses have occurred in the wild animals populations - Tanzania’s wildlife is facing a mortal threat.

Maasai people rely on the mountain for their water supply - they have partnered with an organization called @justdiggit and work with local communities to regreen and kickstart the nature with the simplest tools of all, a shovel.

To watch this short 37 minute RedBull documentary, click here. Any donations to @justdiggit are welcome.

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